Which Water Purifier To Buy - Buying Guide

Which Water Purifier To Buy - Buying Guide - which water purifier to buy is the biggest question that every individual face, We have listed five major factors you should consider before buying a water purifier.

Which Water Purifier To Buy - Buying Guide

Buying anything in the middle of a pandemic can be stressful. We'll enter 2021 in just four months, and from the looks of it, Covid-19 has no intention of leaving us any time soon.  So, it's only obvious that we need to level up our game, especially while buying consumables, Fruit and Vegetable Detoxifiers, Immunity Tablets, and also Water Purifiers.  

Consuming contaminated water can lead to major health issues during monsoon, and on top of it, we are dealing with Covid-19 as well.  One must invest the right to reap multiple benefits out of a single product! 

Here's a guide for you to purchase right at least when it comes to water purifiers!  

We have listed five factors you should consider before buying a water purifier: 

1)Your Budget 

One of the significant factors to consider before purchasing a water purifier is your budget. Be sure of the limit that you can spend. Then start browsing all the available options on the internet and see their price range. Note down your requirements and match them accordingly. Once you're clear about your requirements setting a price won't be a problem. Good luck with your hassle-free purchase! 

2)Purification Methods Used 

There are multiple purification methods out there. Be it RO, UV, UF while most of them kill all the bacteria and viruses, they still vary. Once you know your requirements, match them with the most appropriate purification method available. Some techniques need electricity to operate while others don't, and only some are able to remove dissolved particles, so it depends on your requirement. You can also check out our article on different types of purification methods to know more! https://www.ecowellindia.com/blog/water-purification-methods-types-and-benefits-ecowell-india 

3) Services  

All water purifiers need servicing every now and then be it RO, UV, or UF. Before you purchase a water purifier, make sure that you are very well aware of the after-sale services and guarantee the company is offering. Check their official website for policies as well as terms and conditions. After-sale services are essential for water purifiers. So it's better to be mindful of the services offered to you.  

4) Contamination  

There are various bacterias and viruses dissolved in tap water which are bound to have a negative effect on your health if you consume them. So it's better to know the contamination levels of the water at your home. For instance, if your regular water has high microbes and contaminants, then UV based RO filtration is a brilliant choice.  

The UV purification will ensure that bacterias and other pollutants don't reproduce and multiply rapidly. The RO membrane will remove up to 90% TDS present in the water. It will also eliminate dead bacterias, viruses, and hardness from water and make it absolutely pure, clean, and fit to drink.  

5) Additional Benefits and Special Features 

After you're done with the necessary checks, go with the water purifier that offers additional benefits and unique features. For instance, an inbuilt fruit and vegetable detoxifier, health benefits, minimum water wastage, or immunity-boosting benefits. Various companies offer different features that make their product stand out like Multiple stages of purification, Energy Saver feature, and many more. So make sure you also consider these added benefits. 

Most importantly, pick a brand that caters to all your requirements; however big or small they may be. Furthermore, customizing itself accordingly, many companies like ours will guide you even before you make a purchase. That way, even if you are clueless, to begin with, we'll be here to guide you.  

If you want, you can check out our products: EcoWell India Water Purifiers 

Purchase wisely!  

Stay Safe!  


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