Your Guide To Stay Safe From Common Health Problems This Monsoon!

Guide To Stay Safe From Common Health Problems This Monsoon - Monsoon is near and with the rain, the spread of common flu increases very fast. So to stay safe from health problems one should follow this guide.

Your Guide To Stay Safe From Common Health Problems This Monsoon!

Monsoon's blissful rainy days are indeed necessary to beat summer's tormenting heatwaves. We eagerly wait for those rainy evenings, the priceless earthy fragrance they bring to sip on that joyous cup of tea finally. That said, feelings of ecstasy and pure bliss are just a part of the monsoon- there's a lot more. With monsoon comes diseases like dengue, typhoid, Hepatitis A and Viral Fever and many more. Furthermore, chances of catching a cold or having stomach infections increase dramatically during monsoon. 

Rainy Seasons specials like cholera, typhoid and Hepatitis A are primarily caused due to the consumption of contaminated water and food. Eye infections and fungal infections also tend to increase around this time. So, it's only evident that we have to keep ourselves ready for rainy days! "Rain rain go away come again another day" just doesn't work in real life. 

Here's How You Can Protect Yourself During Monsoon! 

Avoid Junk Food

This year try to stick to the usual basic yet effective homemade food. You can never be certain of the kind of water restaurants are using, whether it's clean or not. It's difficult to determine how hygienic their kitchen is, and the list goes on. The more you consume outside food, the more prone you become to monsoon diseases. 

Drink Clean And Pure Water

Ensuring that the water you're consuming is not contaminated is of utmost importance during monsoon. You can check out our EPI007 and EPI008 model, both of which have an RO Alkaline purification system which guarantees absolutely clean and pure water. These water purifiers eliminate TDS, Bacteria, viruses everything; you name it! 

Properly Clean Your Fruits And Vegetables 

It would be best if you also made sure that the fruits and vegetables you end up eating are appropriately cleaned and detoxified. Fruits and Vegetables are coated with many chemicals so that they look fresh for extended periods, so cleaning them properly is especially vital during monsoon. You can check out our EPI008 model- it comes with an inbuilt fruit and vegetable detoxifier. So, you get clean water as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Keep your house clean 

Around the rainy season, you should not overlook the power of cleanliness. Keeping your home well ventilated and properly cleaned will decrease the chances of catching any of the above diseases. Also, make sure you have mosquito repellents around, they too can help a bit. 

Happy Monsoon! 

Stay Safe. 

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