How Much Water Is Required To Drink In A Day?

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How Much Water Is Required To Drink In A Day?

It's no news that consuming water is more than necessary. Moreover, it's one of the easiest ways to step up your health game. If consumed in the right amount, water can do wonders for your mind, immunity, and skin. It works like a magic potion for your body.  

Let's start with how much water is enough for a day:  

We all know the old trick- 8 glasses of water every day. However, there are certain variations that you should keep in mind, according to the Institute of Medicine (IOM): 

  • For men, the recommended amount of water to be consumed every day is around 3 liters. 
  • For women, the recommended amount of water to be consumed every day is slightly above 2 liters. 
  • For pregnant women, however, 3 liters is recommended. 
  • PS- If you're out on a sunny day, drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated. Consumption of water can also help you in combating diseases like diarrhea, fever, etcetera. 
  • For children and adolescents, the recommended amount is 6-8 cups. 
  • That said, you can follow the simple, old, and convenient, eight glasses of water everyday trick as well. 

Can water help you in losing weight? 

Truth be told, yes. Drinking 16 oz. of water first thing in the morning can boost your metabolism by up to 24% and so it could also help you lose some weight. 

Water helps to generate new cells, which lead to muscle growth and weight loss. Moreover, some researchers also claim that drinking about 2 liters of water every day increases energy expenditure by 96 calories (approximately).

How does it promote weight loss? By only increasing your metabolism rate. You see, when your metabolism rate increases, the number of calories you burn daily also increases. 

Pro tip: Preload your body with water before meals, so that you don't overeat, as preloading is known for creating a sense of fullness in the body. 

Other benefits of staying hydrated include

  • It improves skin health, reduces acne, uneven patches, and blemishes.
  • Ensures better functioning of the kidney 
  • Eliminates all the toxins out of your system
  • Boosts immunity 
  • Increases brain efficiency and energy levels 

Is there anything other than water that can increase your water consumption? 

Yes! Here's a list of water-rich foods that can help you to stay hydrated: 

  1. Watermelon: Contains 92% of water content 
  2. Oranges: Contains 88% of water content 
  3. Cantaloupe: Contains 90% of water content 
  4. Strawberries: Contains 91% of water content 
  5. Cucumber: Contains 95% of water content 
  6. Lettuce: Contains 96% of water content 
  7. Zucchini: Contains 94% of water content 
  8. Yogurt: Contains 88% of water content 
  9. Cauliflower: Contains 92% of water content 
  10. Tomatoes: Contains 94% of water content 

How do you know your water consumption is enough? 

When your total water content goes below a certain level, you're bound to feel thirsty. So if you rarely feel thirsty and your mouth doesn't feel dry at all, it means that you're drinking enough water

Stay Hydrated,

Stay Safe! 

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