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Water Purifier Industry

Maximum Purity

Customers Satisfaction is our key goal as they are the biggest asset in our RO Industry.

10 Stage Filtration

Our products feature 10 unique stages of purification ensuring that the water you eventually consume is absolutely clean and pure.

Latest Technology

We use latest technologies to suit the requirements of our clients so that they are very user friendly and easy to use for everybody.

Service Priority

We are committed to creating satisfied customers by providing them with fault-free products & services.

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Ecowell India
Ecowell India

EcoWell Basic Water

Best Water Purifiers in Bangalore


2 mg/L


157 mg/L


5.6 mg/L


0.4 mg/L

Water Purifier Service Priority

We EcoWell India team always prefer best service with high priority. We always believe customer satisfaction is most important in this industries.
  • Highly Trained & Professional Service Engineer
  • Hygenic With All Precautions
  • Instant Problem Solving
  • 24x7 Customer Service

Purification Stages

We use different purification stages and different process to give customer good and clean water to drink. Here are some essential stages of purification.



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