Top 4 Questions About Water Purifiers- ANSWERED- Ecowell India

Do you also have questions about water purifiers? Questions like whether to buy RO purifier or to go for a UV filter or what should be the TDS level in water, this article will answer them. Have a look:

Top 4 Questions About Water Purifiers- ANSWERED- Ecowell India


Like we told you in our previous post, we are here with answers to the top 4 queries that a person carries about a water purifier. Now, without much ado, let’s begin:

  • What to check before buying a water purifier? - Let me tell you one thing, it’s not just heavy machinery or appliances which require a fair discussion or a small survey to be taken out before buying any such appliance but so, is the strategy to be followed while purchasing a water purifier. Now, for a water purifier, factors like quality of water (if high level of TDS found, RO water purifier is the best solution), contamination (presence of any metal like magnesium, arsenic, copper or iron, RO is good; UV filters perform even better), water pressure (ex- RO purifiers are good for high water pressure areas) and so on. Even electricity can disrupt the normal functioning of a purifier. Above are the points you must remember before buying a classic purifier.

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  • How frequently filters should be changed? - Well, it completely depends upon the category, specifications/features, purpose of water purifier that would decide how frequently it must be serviced. Under normal circumstances, a commercial filter setup must be replaced every 4-6 months and for residential setup, in every 6-12 months. Few spare parts in any purifiers (like an alkaliser, membranes) need a replacement within 2-4 years. But let me alert you, the above information period is an average and will vary across brand. Hence, thoroughly go through the product manual and carefully proceed ahead.

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  • What should be TDS level in a water purifier? – TDS this…TDS that…TDS level…I know you have been listening to this term but hardly people have thought to check what is the appropriate level that it should be? Ideally, the normal range of TDS in water should be somewhere between 80-150 mg/L but it should be less than 80 mg/L in case of RO purifier. Other than that, if TDS is less than 300, it is considered to be an excellent level, between 300-600 is called good, between 600-900 is fair, 900-1200 is poor, 1200 & above is not at all unacceptable.

  • Can water filters cause health issues? – Actually, water filters never cause any kind of health problem but not changing it timely does. So if there is a servicing scheduled or filter needs a replacement, then it must be done as soon as possible. If not done so, then this clogged purifier will definitely cause health issues. Blocked filter means the filtered water will not be as clean & pure as it should be and will carry harmful bacteria and chemicals. Nowadays, a trend of refrigerator with inbuilt filter is good but again requires a timely replacement otherwise this will be a disaster for your health.

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The above are few such questions which have been pricking customers and we have tried our best to answer those queries in the best possible manner. We believe this post will help you understand and analyse what type of water purifier you are in need of.

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