Tips For Maintaining Water Softeners- Ecowell India

Don't listen to JUST ANYBODY and follow these steps to maintain the health of your water softener:

Tips For Maintaining Water Softeners- Ecowell India

Maintenance is the first responsibility, definitely of both the manufacturer/supplier and the user, of a specific product. For any appliance to work to its fullest efficiency is required to be serviced and maintained on stipulated intervals.

Not every appliance we use in daily lives requires same type of maintenance. For instance, a geyser might require to be switched of when done with usage so as to ensure no electricity wastage and for the appliance to work fine. Whereas an automobile is required to be driven decently and not roughly which could possibly bring damage to vehicle spare parts and servicing on intervals to make sure it delivers the mileage and uses fuel efficiently. So different products require different type of maintenance.

Water softeners just like any other appliance require certain maintenance routine and this helps in restricting the clogging within the body of softener and also that it delivers the purpose, that is, to dispense soft water throughout. But how do you do it without a service engineer on a daily basis? Following are the tips which a user must follow to maintain the efficacy of the product:

  1. Check the salt level in the system daily- The foremost task which a user can do is to check the salt level on daily basis in the brine tank. This salt only replaces magnesium and calcium present in hard water with sodium ions and this process is known as ‘Ion Exchange.’

How to do it: Just open/lift lid of the tank, check the level of salt and refill the same (disclaimer- do refer to the manual provided by the brand of water softener mounted and act with caution as a low quality salt might just effect functioning of the softener). If you still find it difficult, contact a professional. If the salt level is low, the softener will not be able to soften the hard water.


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  1. Clean brine tank on time- Do not forget to check and clean the brine tank on time to time basis. If not cleansed, it creates lumps or layer of wet waste which later decreases the effectiveness of regeneration process. So with that present inside, even if you perform regeneration process, it won’t give you the result expected otherwise.

How to do it: You can simply put the softener on bypass mode, disassemble the tank (follow the manual of the brand of water softener) and dump the tank waste on an open area. If not in a position to do so, you can contact a brand professional to assist you.

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  1. Usage of appropriate salt- Well, like already talked about above, select a salt which is told to you by the company of water softener you have procured and DO NOT USE JUST ANY SALT, it is a water softener and not any food preparation that we can add as per our choice (chuckles). Be very careful with the quality of salt.

How to do it: Now, nobody can help you in this case as you have to take your own decision, lol! Just be wise and alert!

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  1. Use a Pre Filter- In certain areas, people are supplied with the contaminated water (too much sediments and particulates), people in such areas if planning to buy a water softener must also use a pre filter so that water you’re supplied with passes to water softener through that pre filter. It is these sediments or particulates which clog and damage the softener from within.

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Above are the tips which you can follow on daily basis and ensure that your softener works fine. This does not mean that you can evade the servicing at all, timely servicing must be allowed and no carelessness with that view should be entertained as this might be detrimental to both, your appliance and your purpose of getting soft water. Check out Ecowell's range of best water softener at:

All the best and do maintain right amount of salt, be it in softener or dish. 

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