Tips For Maintaining Water Purifiers- Ecowell India

Water purifiers require periodic and thorough maintenance in order to operate with full efficiency. This article helps you understand how important frequent servicing is and what are the tips you can follow to maintain the quality of pure water you receive.

Tips For Maintaining Water Purifiers- Ecowell India

Hey, do you remember when was the last time you have had your water purifier serviced? Honestly, I do not remember. That might an obvious scenario for most of us but that is certainly not fine for the efficiency of purifier. Thorough and intervallic maintenance is the requirement of any ‘healthy appliance’ and with no difference even a water purifier needs the same treatment.

In this post, we will share 4 tips to maintain water purifier and ensure that it works with full efficiency and you get safe water to drink. Now without wasting any more time, let’s jump in:

  • Periodic filter servicing- Any water purifier is composed of few salient features and each of it requires equal importance, so do not ignore any of those. Filter is like a pumping heart of any purifier, irrespective of product category, hence you must always see to it that you get the filter serviced or changed (if required) and ensure that you do not miss out on that quality water. Since, most of the Indian families use RO purifiers at their residence, on an average it requires servicing after every 12 months but again it would depend on the brand of purifier you have at home as the tenure might vary across brands.

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  • Keep a check on colour of water- Water speaks out if there is anything wrong with the functioning of purifier so keep a track/check of what is happening with the physical appearance of water. So if you notice the colour is fairly darker or you see suspended dirt all over or if you see that pure water is being dispensed at a slower rate or speed that is a clear sign that you need a replacement of sediment filter. Apart from RO membrane, water purifiers are equipped with sediment filter which acts as a sieve and eliminates solid dirt/particulates which would otherwise reach the RO membrane and damage it. Therefore, if you ever come across with any such sign, act immediately. Rather than waiting for sediment filter to wear out, you must get it checked & replaced EVERY YEAR.

  • Tongue never lies- Our naked eye can be deceived for a chance but our tongue definitely cannot be. Never ever neglect the taste of water because that also acts as a symbol. If you ever get that metallic or sharp bitter taste in water, that is an arrow towards failed carbon filter. Carbon filter, post sediment filter, removes presence of chlorine & other chemical contaminants present in water. It is always suggested to get it changed after every year so as to not face that issue of weird taste in water. 

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  • RO membrane- Here come the most imperative section of any water purifier and that is, RO membrane. It’s a water purification technology which actually purifies the water of detrimental metals like lead, arsenic, fluoride, radium & various TDS. Again, like for any other feature, we would suggest to replace it annually or in every 2 years to ensure that you get the best result.

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If you follow the above tips that we tabled, it would surely help you maintain the performance of your water purifier and you won’t believe but you can actually continue to use the same purifier for 8-10 years, but only if you use it judiciously.

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