Simple Tips to Improve Your Water Drinking Habits

If your water drinking habits are not up to the mark, here are a few tips to level them up! 

Simple Tips to Improve Your Water Drinking Habits

You'd be under a rock if you aren't aware of just how vital water is for your health and wellness. Water is like a gift that keeps on giving. From growing skin from deep within to a better functioning immune system; there is not much that water can't do. 

Staying hydrated is by far one of the most simple yet magical ways to make your life ten times better! 

Moreover, since it is the main constituent of all the primary body fluids in our body, including blood, saliva, synovial fluid, and urine, you should be mindful of its consumption. 

Consequently, if your water drinking habits are not up to the mark, here are a few tips to level them up! 

Tips to improve your water drinking habits: 

  1. Buy a reusable cute looking water bottle: Investing in a water bottle and carrying it around everywhere you go is bound to act as a visual reminder. It'll be right in front of you at all times hence you'll be able to drink more water than usual! Easy access, better lifestyle! 
  2. Download a water reminder app: You know what's great to reap out all the benefits of your smartphone fully? Download a water reminder app that keeps your fluid intakes in check! These notifications aren't useless like most; in fact, they will push to improve your water consumption. If not a whole new app, then you can also simply set reminders on your phone! 
  3. Replace other fluids with water: Switch to water instead of coke with pizza, switch to lemon water first thing in the morning instead of tea or coffee. These tiny changes are the ones that are going to enable long term benefits! So, it's better to switch now rather than regretting later! 
  4. You can also eat your water: Some foods have high water content. These include celery, tomatoes, cucumber, watermelon, musk melon etcetera. So by increasing the consumption of these fruits and vegetables, you can improve your water intake as well! 
  5. Add more juices and Herbal teas to your diet: Fruit and vegetable juices, as well as herbal teas like green tea, hibiscus tea, chamomile tea, can enhance your fluid intake plus you'll also get more taste! 
  6. Follow the one glass before every meal rule: Make sure that you're drinking one glass of water before every meal you take. At times, your body mistakes feelings of thirst for hunger. Hence consuming a glass of water before eating can help you identify whether you are feeling real hunger or not.
  7. Get a water purifier: Before consuming water at regular intervals, you should ensure that the water you're drinking is safe, clean, pure, and contaminant-free- and a water purifier provides this only! Buy one today if you don't have it already. 

What are some of the benefits of good water drinking habits? 

  • Improved Digestive System
  • Faster Metabolism Rate 
  • Better functioning kidneys 
  • Glowing skin, reduced acne and blemishes 
  • Enhanced brain efficiency 
  • Happier mental state 

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