Reasons For Hair fall And How To Cure It || Ecowell India

Hair fall is a complex and widely prevalent problem that most of us find ourselves facing. Here is why that happens and what are some of the things in our control to prevent excessive hair fall.

Reasons For Hair fall And How To Cure It || Ecowell India

One of the most common body-related problems that almost everyone faces nowadays is hair fall. While losing 50-100 strands of hair per day is considered to be normal, exceeding that number might be a subject of concern. Even though men are known to be more likely to lose hair than women, we can see a change in pattern now where all genders are suffering from severe hair loss; permanent in many cases. Be it for any gender, hair loss is a matter of embarrassment and a reason for low confidence and we often find ourselves worried about it trying out desperate means to save those strands.

There is generally no one reason for hair fall and is a mix of different reasons making the whole problem a lot more complex. While some reasons are out of our control, there are others that we can take control of and change in order to see a significant and apparent improvement in the health of our hair.

Some of the reasons for hair fall are:

  1. Hereditary or a Condition: More often than not we see hair loss as a pattern in generations of our family; hair fall can also be hereditary and it is usually inevitable in such cases to prevent it. On the other hand, hair fall can also be due to an underlying condition or illness —generally a side-effect of a problem in the other organs of the body. In such cases, it is highly recommended to consult a medical expert and get yourself checked.                                                                                                                                                
  2. Unhealthy Lifestyle: We see the problem of excessive hair fall highly prevalent in urban areas and the causes vary from the erratic and fast-paced lifestyle of the modern world to the increase in pollution levels of the developing worlds. The kind of diet we intake reflects greatly in the strength and quality of our hair.  Our daily habits affect the functioning of our body which indirectly affects our hair growth. The most common cause for hair fall we can see in the younger generation is also a tendency to be over-worked and under stress.                                                                                                                                                                                                
  3. Hair Styling and Products: Excessive styling of hair and application of styling and treatment products alter the natural quality of our hair adding to the cause of hair fall. Our hair tends to become thinner and weaker, breaking off easily. A lot of products have been found to contain Sulphates and Parabens that cause drying and loss of hair.                                                                                             
  4. Water: We notice when we change our residing location, in many cases the immediately visible difference is in the quality of our hair; many owe it to the change in water. Especially when someone moves to Bangalore, the hard water does not wait to show its harmful effects on our skin and hair. Hard water is high in mineral content of calcium and magnesium that forms a layer build-up on the hair strands preventing moisture from entering the hair. As a result, the hair is dry and prone to breakage eventually leading up to hair fall.

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A Cure in our control:

While there is not much we can do about an illness other than taking medicines, there are certain steps and habits we can adopt that lead us to healthier hair growth. This is where external care of our hair comes into the picture. Certainly, an attempt has to be made in changing our lifestyle patterns and excessive use of chemical products, but a major difference can be seen if we look into the Hard Water problem.

A permanent solution to your hard water problem is the installation of a Water Softener at home. This is a one-time investment that can beat the expensive treatment that we undergo to save our hair from damage and fall. In most cases, the treatment does more harm than good. So bringing home a Water Softener is a smart move to saving yourself from premature baldness.

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