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Confused about advantages and disadvantages of alkaline water, here is a post for you:

Pros and Cons Of Alkaline Water- Ecowell India

Water is one of the basic building blocks of our body. It replenishes our cells, improves blood circulation, keeps us hydrated, supports our digestive system and consequently helps in maintaining the level of energy in body. Water also assists in better absorption of minerals and nutrients in body. It would interest you, 50-60 percent of our body is composed of water. Now keeping the need of water, which is universally known to all aside, we will today tell you what are the actual pros and cons of alkaline water.  

Alkaline Water is often debated of having benefits whlst many label it as a dangerous consumption. It is expensive and that makes it even more necessary for you to understand whether you are in need of it or not. Do not consume it just because it has been told to you by someone, even us. Read all the pros and cons and take a judicious decision. Following is the list of pros and cons you must read before going ahead with alkaline water:


  • Studies claim that there are numerous health benefits of consuming alkaline water. The biggest pro is it helps in reducing level of acid in body or acidity and since it carries better mineral content; it is any day better than normal purified water.
  • Too much acid can lead to hormonal issues like cancer, metabolic conditions and even loss of mass in bones and if you are also suffering from one, alkaline water could be a saviour as we already told you; it helps in regulating acid level in body.
  • Alkaline water (rich in minerals) is also said to be having immunity building factor and that adds one more jewel to the set of benefits it has to offer.
  • It also helps in losing weight which subsequently keeps many other health problems at bay. 

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  • Few advocate that, too much alkaline water could be detrimental to your health. It can hamper the normal functioning of kidney. Not only limited to that, too much consumption could lead to metabolic alkalosis and which can be detected if you face tremor in hands, confusion, nausea and many more.
  • Too much of alkaline water could disrupt the otherwise normal digestive system. Excessive intake may lead your body’s dependency on alkaline water and as a result, which can be harmful in future.
  • Some experts even suggest that a balanced diet could be an alternative to alkaline water and that the cost expended on it can be saved.
  • You must refer and consult with a doctor before deciding for alkaline water as in certain cases it leads to adverse results. For instance, if you are in the advanced stage of AFS (Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome), you must refer to a doctor as too much alkaline water might be disaster for your health


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Now that we’ve shared the set of pros and cons, what your job now is to study the same and then decide whether alkaline water is fit for you or not. So with individual needs comes respective decision. 

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