Permanent Solution For Soft Skin And Hair || Ecowell India

It has been under your nose all this while, your tap water!

Permanent Solution For Soft Skin And Hair || Ecowell India

Who doesn’t want flawless skin and smooth and shiny hair? I get it, some people might not care, but these two qualities are the most desirable in the majority. And all of us who want these, have often found ourselves wondering what would be the most suitable OTC product or natural home remedy that could help us achieve the same. While that is a whole other world of things to talk about, this article does not dive into it. We are here to tell you about a more permanent and economical solution to achieving that soft skin and shiny hair that you always wanted. Where to look for it? In your water.

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“What is wrong with the water that we use?” – Identifying The Problem

The answer highly depends on your geographical location. Most of the homes are likely to receive hard water for their daily use. No matter how hard the water is, you cannot escape its harmful effects in the longer run.

Hard water contains a considerable amount of dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium. These pose several problems. One of the main reasons is because these minerals found in hard water react with the soap that you use to form ‘scum’. Now let us see how our skin and hair get affected:

The skin: The scum gets deposited on your skin and clogs your pores. This traps oil in the pores and leads to acne formation. Natural oils produced by our pores get prevented from releasing and rendering their benefit. The skin thus is unable to hold moisture. As a result, your skin is dry and itchy in its natural state and requires a lot of aid from cosmetic products to look smooth.

The Hair: The scummy residue also prevents your shampoo from forming a lather to clean and effectively treat your hair. You tend to use more shampoo as a result which further aggravates the problem. The scummy deposit on your hair makes it look frizzy and that might provoke you to wash your hair more often. However, it only worsens the situation by increasing the instances of bringing your hair in contact with hard water.

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“How to save ourselves from the perils of hard water? ” – The Permanent Solution

An easy way to remember the way to go about things can be: Hard water is hard for your skin and hair, while soft water is soft on your skin and hair.

Treating your water before use is the best solution to go for and we have water softeners in the market to help you with that. Water softeners remove the calcium and magnesium from the water that reaches your home. This allows the soap and shampoo that you use to work efficiently without having to use more quantity of them. You also do not require strong products as mild ones can now easily stay on your skin and hair and perform their function of cleansing and nourishing them.

Getting a water softener for your home is certainly a more sustainable, economical, and permanent solution for your skin and hair problems. This one-time investment will keep your skin and hair healthy for a longer time. So we highly recommend you to try this out.

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