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Did you know that choosing the right kind of shampoos, conditioners, and soaps aren’t the only way to ensure minimal hair damage? Did you know that the water you frequently splash on your face has high mineral content? Well, now, you do. If calcium or magnesium is too high in your water, it is likely to be called hard water.

India's Best Water Softener | Ecowell India

But so what, if your water’s mineral content is high? So what if you’re using hard water? 

As mentioned above, hard water can impact your skin and hair health. Not only does it harm you, but it also affects the quality of your clothes as well as kitchenware and bathroom fittings. 

Let’s go into the details. 

Impact of hard water on your skin and hair 

If you use too much hard water on your skin, it is likely to increase dryness. Consequently, excessive dryness increases the chances of skin breakout, hence more cases of unwanted acne. Hard water simply acts on the skin’s natural oils, which cause itching, and if one doesn’t address the issue, the skin becomes cracked or inflamed. Since hard water is essentially water with high mineral content, these minerals act as barriers. Hard water makes it difficult for your body's natural oils to reach the epidermis of the skin. 

Moreover, hard water consists of impurities that act as free radicals on healthy skin cells. These attacks on your skin lead to the breakdown of collagen as well as the formation of wrinkles. Hard water also leads to sudden hair fall, dull, tangled lifeless hair, and split ends. Subsequently, thinning and greying of hair can increase substantially through the use of hard water. You might also face Eczema of the scalp and dandruff issues.

Impact of hard water on your Laundry, Kitchenware, and bathroom fittings

Hard water impacts the softness of the fabrics, making the cloth-feel harsh and stiff. Clothes then lose their color and become yellowish if hard water is used regularly. Furthermore, utensils such as glasses are likely to remain white filmed and spotted even after rigorous cleaning due to hard water. Along with all this, expensive bathroom fittings can get blackened if hard water is used daily. 

But you need not worry because we’ve got the perfect solution for you! Our Water Softeners are all set to take care of your skin, hair, utensils, bathroom fittings, and laundry! 

From now onwards, we will provide you with the best water to drink and the best water to consume for numerous other purposes! We offer the best water softener in India! 

How it works! 

The hard water, which is filled with Calcium and Magnesium, enters Ecowell water softener. The softener consists of millions of special resin beads that hold billions of sodium ions- and they clash! This leads to the calcium and magnesium getting stuck on the resin beads, and then water gets soft. So, it is the best water softener for home use. 

Advantages of our Water Softener

  • Smooth, silky, and lustrous hair
  • Improved skin texture and glowing skin
  • Less hair damage 
  • Shining water taps and other bathroom ware 
  • Clean and spotless utensils 
  • Soft clothes 

What are you waiting for? Check out our water softeners today!

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