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Here is an article for one of your most-taxing kitchen problems.

How To Get Rid Of Water Spots On Dishes/Utensils - Ecowell India

Whenever it comes to stains, hard ones to remove at that, my headache gets triggered. I am sure most of you can relate to that. One of the most common instances of stains is that of water spots on your dishes. These white water spots, especially on your glass dishes, are stubborn and hard to get rid of. And who is to be blamed? —your tap water.

If you have been facing the above-mentioned problem, then you are most likely receiving hard water in your taps. Hard water is known to have high mineral content, mainly calcium and magnesium, that over-time cause mineral build-up on your beautiful dishes. With time, this build-up gets tougher on your dishes and spoils their look. As permanent as these stains appear to be, there are fortunately certain ways to get rid of them. We have a few temporary solutions and a permanent one to help you out.

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Temporary Solutions:

  • On a regular basis, when we wash our utensils and leave them on the platform to dry out for themselves, the water droplets leave their stain on the dishes. Thus, it is recommended that after washing utensils, they are wiped off and dried with a paper towel before setting them on the shelves.
  • Vinegar: Another popular solution is to use white vinegar. Common white vinegar is actually a mild acid. It is cheap, safe, and non-toxic. For this, you need to soak the dishes in a sink half-filled with equal proportions of white vinegar and cold water. After a few hours, you will see bubbles forming on the surface of the dishes which is an indication that the deposits are coming off. Take the dishes out then and after dunking them in water several times to properly clean them off, dry them with a paper towel before placing them in the shelves.

Permanent Solutions:

While temporary solutions are cheaper, they tend to be tedious taking up much of your time and energy. People usually fail to provide that care to their dishes, which is why most people end up having white stains on their dishes which they eventually have to discard off. Alternatively, a more permanent solution and a good one-time investment idea would be to treat the water that you are using to eliminate its hard water properties. Here is presenting,

A Water Softener!

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Installing a water softener at home, ensures soft water in all your taps, thus avoiding mineral build-up on not only your dishes and utensils, but also your fitting, faucets, tiles, and sink. For the longer run, and considering the busy schedules that most of us find ourselves wrapped under, this is by far the best solution to give your dishes a longer life on your kitchen shelf.

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Most people believe that buying a water softener is an expensive solution. However, it is actually a reasonable one in the long run. With Ecowell, buying a water softener is even more convenient and easier now with NO Cost EMI option. Avail this offer today!

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