Best Water Purifier In Bangalore-Features, Price and Ratings

To serve your water purifying needs, we are here to help you choose the best bet.

Best Water Purifier In Bangalore-Features, Price and Ratings

Rapid urbanization has increased the pollution levels in our environment manifold. As a result, the risk of diseases has made the need to purify water inevitable. The market too is booming today with various options of Water Purifiers to choose from.

Based in Bangalore, Ecowell India aims at providing excellent water solutions. With advanced technology, a modern look, and amazing additional features, Ecowell also aces the post-sale services of the Water Purifiers. This is what makes it the most desirable choice across Bangalore. This article presents to you, the best Water Purifiers that you need for your home. Read on to know their look, features, price, and ratings!

Best Water Purifier: 


Why is it the best?

  • Besides employing the latest RO technology for giving you the purest and healthiest water, EWI009 serves to be a great asset to your kitchen and water needs.
  • Its Instant Hot and Cold water feature allows you to get access to hot water 24x7 for drinking, cooking instant meals and beverages, and instant access to cold water 24x7 for your summer drinks. (Also Read: 5 Healthy Summer Drinks You Should Not Miss This 2021 )
  • With EWI009, washing and sanitizing fruits and vegetables is so convenient because of the In-Built Fruit and Vegetable Detoxifier that uses Ozone Technology to get rid of 99.9% of germs.
  • The Water Purifier comes with a handsome modern look and is completely touch operated. With several color options, it becomes a great addition to your kitchen interior.



PRIMARY 5 Stages of Purification
Alkaline Water Technology
Reverse Osmosis Process
ADDITIONAL Instant Hot And Cold Water Available 24x7
Fruit & Vegetable Detoxifier
Digital Display With Touch Screen
Display of TDS
Child Lock Facility
2 Years Guarantee
6 Free Services

Price:                    29,999/-

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Ratings:               4.9/5

Our happy customer

Our Happy Customer with EWI009.

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UTS (Under-The-Sink) Water Purifier

Why is it the best?

  • If you do not have enough space in your kitchen or did not pre-plan to accommodate a water purifier in your kitchen design, then Ecowell’s UTS Water Purifier is your best buy. It saves you counter-top space and compactly occupies space under the sink.
  • The RO Water Purifying Technology used in this model is as advanced as other counter-top models.
  • The Digital Faucet that comes with the model can be placed next to the sink tap. With a high flow rate, this not only allows you to conveniently get purified water but the digital faucet also displays the TDS of the water that you are receiving after getting purified.
  • The maintenance and servicing of your UTS Water Purifier is extremely convenient and a great experience with Ecowell’s excellent services.

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PRIMARY 7 Stages of Purification
Reverse Osmosis Process
ADDITIONAL Saves Counter-top Space
Instant TDS on Digital Faucet
High Flow Rate
1 Year Guarantee
3 Free Services

Price:                    20,000/-

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Ratings:               4.6/5

UTS installed in a home.

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Till then, take care and stay safe!

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