Bangalore's Solution To Hard Water || Buy Water Softeners From Ecowell India

No need of keeping up with the troubles of Hard Water - Ecowell's Water Softener to the rescue

Bangalore's Solution To Hard Water || Buy Water Softeners From Ecowell India

As most of the surface of our planet is covered with water,  we also see it playing a very crucial role in the daily functioning of life and the activities involved in it. With the increase in population and consequently the demand for water, water is being accessed from alternative sources. On being extracted from borewells and water tankers, water tends to pick up dissolved impurities and minerals. A lot of them are hazardous, which is why it is imperative to use a Water Purifier for drinking such water. However, we do not really use purified water for other activities like cooking, washing, bathing, cleaning, etc; instead, we directly use tap water. In such cases, it becomes a problem if the tap water is hard water.

 “Water with high mineral content such as calcium and magnesium (120-180 parts per million or PPM) is considered hard water”.  Living in a hard water area can be seriously fatal to health and this is a major problem that several Indian cities have been facing since over the past decade. According to several surveys, 24% of areas in Bangalore have been observed to receive hard water, which is unfit for consumption and needs to be treated before use.

Why is hard water a problem?

Hard water is a type of water that contains magnesium and calcium bicarbonate, sulfate, and chloride salts. These contaminants react with the soap's higher fatty acids to generate insoluble scum, which hinders the soap's function.

In the Kitchen

Hard water, due to the high mineral content, leaves behind mineral deposits on your glass dishes after wash which gets built up on the surface with time and becomes hard to get rid of. Besides your glasses and plates, one can also identify the residual stains of hard water on the kitchen sink and fixtures which get accumulated over time and spoil the look of your kitchen.

In the Bathroom

We see a similar effect of mineral deposits on our bathroom fixtures, tiles, and faucets.  It tends to reduce the life span of appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, etc.

On Skin and Hair

While bathing, hard water requires one to use more soap and yet leaves the skin dry and itchy. Over time, the removal of essential oils from the surface of our skin also contributes to premature aging of the skin and premature greying of hair. Hard water has also led to greater hair fall as it fails to allow the hair products to retain the protective layer on the surface of the hair.

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On Clothes

Hard water makes your whites fade and colors dull. It is most despised for ruining our expensive linens. The mineral deposits react with cloth fibers, making them weak and shrinking the life of the clothing. As a result, one also tends to invest high in several washing products to retain the quality, softness, color, and life of their clothes to fight the effects of hard water making it an expensive deal for the long run.

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How to check the hardness of your water?

Besides the physical characteristics mentioned above that one can easily observe and realize that they are receiving hard water, there are other indicators of hard water as well. The most significant of them is the taste of water which tends to be bitter in the case of hard water. In order to be further sure of whether or not you need to resolve this issue, you can use the FREE WATER TEST provided by Ecowell to test the hardness of your water.


The solution to hard water- WATER SOFTENER

As described above, hard water tends to leave traces of trouble in several areas since we use water for a lot of things and it comes in contact with various surfaces. As a preventive measure, one invests in products that help them combat the effects of hard water but if we look at it, it ends up being an expensive move overall. Hence, an alternative to all the hard water problems is a ONE TIME INVESTMENT in a Water Softener.

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Ecowell’s range of Water Softeners is here for your rescue. Visit our website today to check out the range and reach out to us for a Free Water Test. Ecowell does not only strive to produce the best quality products but also continues to provide great service on their products which makes us stand out. Hurry up to join our club of Happy Customers.

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