7 Ways To Detect & Treat Hard Water At Home- Ecowell India

We can test the purity of vegetables and fruits at home through various techniques but do we know how to find if water at home is hard or not? This article will tell you about the same

7 Ways To Detect & Treat Hard Water At Home- Ecowell India

There are number of reasons or it would be rather more appropriate if we call it a sign, through which we can make out whether water used at home, is hard or not. We have discussed and explored the damages brought upon us but this time we will tell you different ways to detect/find whether water is of hard nature or not and also, what are the temporary solutions that can you choose from. Here we go:

Ways to detect hard water at home:

  • Hair fall and dry skin

    The first depiction of hard water is frequent hair fall experienced and also the quality of skin, lifeless and dry. However, the same condition could be due to numerous other reasons, maybe stress but there is no denying the fact that hard water adds on to the peril. People already suffering from skin diseases like eczema are extremely vulnerable to hard water side effects. So, never ever ignore this first symptom.

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  • Soap scum on palms

    A clear sign which shows that the water you are being supplied with is hard in nature. If it takes quite long to wash hands and a film or soap scum on hands is present for long, it means the water you used is hard and needs immediate treatment.

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  • Fading clothes

    Not just our skin, but even fabrics speak out when exposed to hard water. Garments or any cloth item fade and are tarnished with spots (which are nothing but mineral deposits) if consistently are washed in hard water, white may turn dingy and black transforms into an even more dull version. Nobody would want that disaster to happen to their expensive clothing pieces.

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  • Low water pressure

    I’m sure most of us have experienced low water pressure in bathroom or elsewhere and we instantly blame it on low water level in water tank. That could be one probable reason but another one could be narrowed internal diameter of pipes due to hard water. Presence of hard water corrodes internal walls of pipe and hinders the normal flow of water. Also, in case of bathroom shower, this hard water creates a layer of deposit on vents which discharge water and thus, hamper the optimal pressure.

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Ways to treat hard water at home:

While the solutions which we will put forth are just temporary, they cannot replace the relevance of having a permanent solution to this problem through a water softener. Nonetheless, below are few quick tricks that you can follow for immediate results for a short time:

  • Addition of bath salts

    Bath salt? What? Since many of us have never heard of a product like bath salt, it is nothing but a salt which is added to warm water in bath tub and one can bathe only after it is dissolved. It is epsom salt which exchanges calcium and magnesium components in water with potassium and sodium ions and reduce hardness to a certain extent. Bathing salts offer an extensive set of medicinal benefits as well.

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  • Use of baking soda

    This might not be the best solution as it just makes water feel more slicker and softer on skin and chemically removes/replaces no component whatsoever from hard water. However, you can still give it a try for instant soft water.

  • Shower filter

    Shower filter can also be one of your best picks for a short time. It removes visible particulates and chlorine present making it a little better. It can reduce the ill drying effect but cannot soften water.

Temporary hacks can only save us for some time but definitely cannot take place the effectiveness of permanent solutions like installing a water softener. With that, if you need a permanent solution to the trouble of hard water, check out Ecowell's range of classic water softeners on www.ecowellindia.com

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