6 Skincare Tips For Summer- Ecowell India

Scorching summer heat drains out hydration and essential nutrients from our body. Just consuming enough water will not help you and need proper skincare routine tips. This blog enlists 6 skincare tips for summer.

6 Skincare Tips For Summer- Ecowell India

The bright, scorching and intense rays of summers have forever been a profound challenge for all of us. Be it with respect to northern part of India or southern and even greener section of India, heat wave does not spare anyone. The peak of summer has not even arrived yet and we have started to witness temperature soaring close to 49 degree Celsius and we don’t even want to for see how brutal the weather would be in coming months. We cannot do much about the weather but certainly can about how to protect ourselves.

In the last blog, we told you how to keep yourself calm through cool, soothing, rich & nutritious milkshakes and in this article we will tell you about 5 skincare tips in summer to not only shield your skin but also maintain its healthiness. Let’s start with the blog:

  • Face wash to remove excess oil

    Face Wash To Remove Excess Oil- Those television advertisements are so on point when it comes to face oil, that slippery sensation on cheek is the most irritating feeling one could experience. Face oil is extremely essential for skin quality but when exceeds, need to be removed. Well, this problem is only witnessed by people with normal or oily skin, people with dry skin also experience this sweaty touch but not throughout the day and not to the extent which is felt by other skin types (mainly, oily and normal). In order to deal with it, use proper face wash to cleanse your face every time you are back from a hectic day schedule. People with normal & oily skin can go for any renowned face wash which is mild, alcohol free whereas, people with dry skin should opt for a pH balanced face wash as frequent washing might turn their skin even more dry and lifeless. Hence, do not forget to add face wash to your skincare tips in summer routine.


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  • Keep your skin hydrated

    Keep Your Skin Hydrated- Our body is made up of 70-80% water and this water is released through heavy sweating in summers, so this is quite evident to prove how essential water is (especially, in summers). Now, when we say to keep yourself hydrated doesn’t mean you have to drink gallons of water, it could be through normal water or a tasty glass of nimbu pani or any healthy juice or any rich and nutritious milk shake, you have to fulfil the required amount of hydration level in body.


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  • Exfoliate skin

    Exfoliate Skin- Though you might think how relevant it is to exfoliate skin in summer season because anyway we sweat, frequently wash our face and this would clean face, but that’s not true. We might feel clean and clear but in reality, dead skins are still present. In order to remove them, we have to scrub our face twice every weekend. Remember, use only a scrubber which is good & appropriate for your skin. Make sure you exfoliate your lips and neck too.


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  • Wear sunscreen

    Wear Sunscreen- Whenever you move out in sun, you are exposed to the extremely harmful UV-A and UV-B rays which can lead to various health problems like premature ageing, age spots, in some cases life threatening skin diseases like skin cancer. Apart from health issues, a good sunscreen of SPF 30-50 is good to go for all sin types, even if you stay home most of the time.


  • Avoid heavy makeup

    Avoid Wearing Heavy Makeup- Whilst a makeup involves usage of various products, one must avoid doing it, especially in summers. In summer, our skin, which already is going through a tough time, must not be covered with unnecessary lotions/creams which would anyway create more burden. Skin needs space in summer, lol. However, if you have an important event to attend or have a weekend party scheduled, you can apply for some time but don’t forget to remove immediately it once you’re back home.


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  • Essential fruit juices

    Essential Fruit Juices- Water intake in summer should be somewhere around 2-3 litres a day. Inclusion of seasonal fruits and fruit juices will help you big time in covering this requirement. Juices like coconut water, watermelon juice and other fresh juices are a good medium to keep you hydrated. These are also suggested as they not only fulfil water needs but also provide necessary antioxidants to body which otherwise keep immunity strong and maintain skin quality. Also, try to include yoghurt and buttermilk in diet.


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Frequently taking shower in summer will not ensure the required skin quality or healthy skin, if that is how you believe it is because you need alot better routine to be followed for that. The above mentioned 6 skincare tips for summer will help you achieve the ultimate goal of nourished skin. Inclusion of fruits should not be forgotten and with that let's pray we have enough strength to face the summer heat. Good Luck!


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