5 Worst Hair Care Habits- Ecowell India

Luxury & popular brands of hair care products do not ensure healthy hair but only few habits can help us achieve the target. This article tells you about 5 worst habits that you must NOT follow and reduce excessive hair fall.

5 Worst Hair Care Habits- Ecowell India

We all love dense, black, lustrous hair as our crown, of course that is one of the most stupid statements to make because everybody does want that. We all use variety of hair care products to clean, nourish and maintain the health of our glorious hair but how many of us succeed in saving them, maybe a few. We presume that with growing age we tend to face hair fall and that is evitable but have you ever wondered how come our grandmother, grandfather, and their forefathers have managed to not endure hair fall? That is because they always followed healthy routine and natural products.

In this article, I’ll be discussing worst habits which you must strictly refrain from in order to maintain healthy hair and not face the problem of hair fall and here we go:

  • Avoid chemically rich products: I know we all are always in a hurry to end up our shopping spree as soon as possible but do always go through the ingredient list of hair care products right from shampoo, to conditioner, to hair oil and everything. Always prefer going for products free from sulphates, paraben, artificial colours and mineral oil. All in all, try to buy a product which as natural as possible.


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  • How often you oil massage hair? : Oiling scalp is really very important for hair. Though most of the Indian families have it in their habit of oiling hair once or twice in a week, young generation/s have always nagged and avoid doing oil massage because it spoils their classic look, a statement which we all are much aware with (lol). If you have dry scalp you must oil massage 3-4 times in a week and if you have already oily scalp then you must do it 1-2 times in a week. Never ever miss out on oil massage.


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  • Do not comb wet hair: If you also have a habit of combing hair immediately after shower, then stop it right away. Wet hair is soft in nature and if you comb instantly after bathing, it pulls and weakens the hair follicle and further increases hair fall.


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  • No excess heat: A generic statement says, excess of anything is not good for health, be it in food or any other facet. A common habit which is prevalent amongst the young generation now is to blow dry on a daily basis. You can dry hair through soft towel pats and use dryer occasionally. Not only limited to that, you must also avoid using hot water on hair and always pour running cold water.


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  • Don’t take much stress: Last but definitely not the least, one of the worst habits for your hair is too much stress. While it is quite subjective and you cannot reduce stress immediately but at least you can work on managing it such a way that it leaves behind less detrimental effect on body. Avoid taking too much stress and workout on daily basis to ensure healthy and dense hair.


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So today we have told you about what not do with your hair and if you follow these steps judiciously, there is no chance that you won’t see a positive hair growth and not only that, if at all you are troubled with hair fall, this will save you and you will thank us big time. In the next blog, we will tell you what else you can do to protect your beautiful hair, so stay with us. 

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