5 Skin Care Tips For Glowing Skin- Ecowell India

Enough of applying those creams, lotions, face wash and what not which actually have resulted in NOTHING, Follow this article to get your routine for best, healthy & glowing skin.

5 Skin Care Tips For Glowing Skin- Ecowell India

Our body, which we often refer to as our ‘temple’ and take care of so much, is at times treated with hard chemicals and liquids by ourselves only. I know, nobody wants to use those harmful chemicals intentionally on their body but unknowingly we all have at one point of time or the other.

Today let’s take a break from what unhealthy we consume and talk about our skin, the largest organ present in body. It is composed of various elements like protein, fat, minerals & a big share of water. This skin protects us from dust, dirt, harmful UV rays, and types of viruses and diseases out there but is our routine good enough to maintain the health of that shield, known as skin? Probably, No.

 In this article we’ll share 7 tips that you can follow to get healthy skin and if in case it has been damaged because of countless cream & body lotion applications, you can help rejuvenate dead skin. Following are the tips for a smoother and healthier skin:

  • Keep Yourself Hydrated: Our body comprises of 60% water and this certainly states its relevance in maintaining healthy skin. We have always been told to drink sufficient water (minimum 2 litres in a day) again which depends from region to region, failing to do which has detrimental effect on our skin and our digestive pattern. Sufficient water helps in upkeep of skin quality, enhances smoothness and elasticity of skin and reduces roughness.Not just that, alkaline water does wonders in this case. It is absorbed easily by the body which helps in keeping up the hydration level in body and since it is rich in minerals as well, it satisfies the mineral requirement of skin.

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  • Consume Food Rich In Antioxidant: Antioxidants are considered as one of the required essentials in our body and it is rightly said so as it helps in creating a protective layer on our skin to prevent further damage to it. Foods such as leafy, green vegetables, yellow and orange fruits are rich source of anti-oxidants. Even fish is an excellent source of anti-oxidant, especially salmon. These antioxidants nurture and strengthen skin to prevent diseases like eczema, acne and even protect from UV light damage. Hence, do not miss out on this critical necessity.

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  • Wake Up, Run & Workout: Exercise and full course workout also play an imperative role in maintaining our skin health. It could be aerobics, or cardio, or compound workout or any form, all you have to focus at is to sweat out. Sweating expels toxins present inside body that we all know but exercise like aerobics, helps in thinning the external layer of skin and firming or thickening of internal layer of skin which makes skin look more young and smooth.


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  • Good Sleep: Aaah, finally something that almost every one of us enjoy the most, a comfortable and cosy sleep (chuckles). A relaxing sleep enhances our blood flow which has numerous benefits: no dark circles, glowing skin. A good sleep also improves collagen production which repairs skin due to UV damage and reduce spots and wrinkles on skin.

  • No Smoking: Smoking is injurious to health- this popular warning has forever been pronounced with respect to health of lungs. It is equally hazardous to our skin as smoking leads to premature ageing and wrinkles. Internal and external exposure to tobacco even causes problems like acne and psoriasis. This habit deters skin’s ability to heal itself & at its natural pace. It is often next to impossible to evade this dangerous habit on our own, hence always seek a doctor’s assistance in getting rid of it.


The above tips are good as a temporary solution for skin health but needs your constant attention. Do follow a healthy diet, rich in necessary nutrients and minerals and if at any point of time you feel that you have contracted any irritating skin disease or still suffering from any prolonged skin problem like dryness, roughness, or premature ageing, do not forget to consult a dermatologist. 

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