5 Healthy Diet Tips For Summer- Ecowell India

We follow a specific type of a diet in respective season, in winter's food that keeps us warm & in summer's food that keeps us cool. In this article we'll discuss diet tips to be followed in summer.

5 Healthy Diet Tips For Summer- Ecowell India

We have already entered the month of May and it requires no special mention what the heat is turning out to be with every passing day. The temperature is soaring and reaching new height every day and we have to be even more careful and increase our level of protection/shielding accordingly. When we speak about protection from scorching heat of sun, people often presume, it is only about external skin which needs another layer of clothing or covering on top of skin but it is also our inner body which needs a layer of shield and equal consideration like that of overall body.

Our body’s façade (our skin) is the primary organ which comes in immediate contact of extreme sunlight and that makes it even more vulnerable to various problems like skin cancer, damage of skin cells and what not. Needless to say, our internal organs require significant care and protection as well. Now, we cannot apply sunscreen to vitals within body, but it is a healthy & refreshing diet which keeps them in a good shape. In this article, we will discuss 6 healthy diet tips for summer which you must follow judiciously:

  • Drink Lots Of Water

    Drink Lots Of Water- A human body comprises 60% of water and that makes it even more evident during summer. Even if you haven’t had a habit of drinking enough water, heat of summer will definitely force you to drink sufficient volume. Severe sweating drains out a significant amount of water present in body. Now, if you do not drink enough water to replenish the appropriate hydration level, you might collapse or draw any other serious health problem. A healthy person drinks 8 glasses of water in a day. Hence, drinking lots of water is an essential and unequivocal part of 6 healthy diet tips for summer. Tip: Never drink too much of cold water immediately after you are back home from sun. Wait for 10-15 minutes to relax a bit and thereafter, consume water.

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  • Avoid red meat and too much masala

    Avoid Red Meat & Too Much Masala- In various studies it has been claimed that red meat tends to increase body heat and hence, it would be great if one avoids consuming red meat (primarily beef and mutton), especially during summer. However, white meat like chicken can be consumed but only in a moderate quantity and at a lower frequency. Also, meat of any type is suggested to be refrained from is because our takes a lot of energy to breakdown these food items and since a human body in summer is already heated up, it should further not be pushed to exert even more. Also, too much salt and masala in our daily diet must also be avoided as much as possible. Masala’s are hot and spicy in nature and they are responsible for increasing body temperature. Try to eat less spicy food and add more of green chillies than red chilli powder in food preparation.

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  • Keep yourself cool

    Keep Yourself Cool- Now, that we have told you what to avoid eating in summer, this section will cover what all you can add in your diet as a part of healthy diet tips for summer to keep yourself cool and calm. Add all those food items which help maintain your already high body temperature like fresh vegetables, fruits and juices. These foods not only help reduce body heat but also replenish the lost essential nutrients through sweating. Also, add traditional snacks which are less oily, along with evening tea.

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  • Say no to junk food

    Say No To Junk Food- Though junk food must be avoided throughout the year as much as possible but should be specifically avoided in summer. This not just about cheesy pizza or a fat burger filled with thick potato or paneer patty, junk food here means oily snacks, pickles biryani, parantha and all. Spicy curries must also be avoided alongside.

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  • Do not overeat

    Do Not Over Eat- One must avoid eating too much in summer and keep lighter and small portions on plate. Extra pressure must not be laid on stomach and intestines. Also, food must be cooked in fresh ghee and not in oil.

Summer heat is really intense and you must take up every step to protect you and your family members. Always remember to cover yourself properly whenever moving out of the house and whenever back home cover, don't immediately move for shower or in air conditioned room but rather let body relax naturally and then refreshen up. Beware, you might catch fever. Take care!

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