5 Hacks To Remove Smell From Clothes In Monsoon - Ecowell India

Check out these 5 amazing hacks to remove the musty smell from your clothes. Use vinegar to remove the odour from the wet clothes. A few more hacks below will help you to remove odour from clothes during the monsoon.

5 Hacks To Remove Smell From Clothes In Monsoon - Ecowell India

The monsoon season is one of the best seasons for most of us. It comes with a ray of hope and happiness in the form of rain, pleasant weather, and lush greenery. However, on the other hand, it also brings with it the serious issue of smelly clothes. If your clothes are smelling, they turn off everything, no matter how stylish, expensive, or classy they are.Therefore, clothes in the monsoon require extra care and attention.

If you are struggling to get rid of odours from clothes in this rainy season, then keep reading this blog. Here are the 5 amazing clothes care hacks to remove the smell from clothes in rainy season.

Hack 1 - Use Baking Soda Or Vinegar

The most basic and one of the most effective hacks to take care of clothes in the rainy season is to mix a cup of white vinegar or baking soda in water with the washing detergent. Soak your clothes in this mixture. It will not only remove the odour from the clothes but also kill the fungi.
#EcowellTip: To increase the lifespan and to retain the shine and brightness of clothes, always use soft water. If you have access to hard water, install the bathroom water softener to enjoy the premium quality soft water.
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Hack 2 – Try Lemon Juice

If you don’t have vinegar or baking soda at home, you can use lemon juice to get rid of the smell from the rainy season clothes. Here is the clothes care hack, while washing clothes in detergent and soft water, add lemon juice. This will remove the smell from the clothes.
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Hack 3 – Dry Your Clothes Properly

Though the wet clothes are best dried under the sun but expecting the good sunlight in the monsoon season is like giving yourself a wrong hope. After washing your clothes, tie a rope inside your room and spread the clothes on it at some distance from each other. Turn on the fan to let them dry fast.
#EcowellTip: It is advisable to tie a rope in a well-ventilated room and turn on the fan to speed up the process.
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Hack 4 – Don’t Pile Up Clothes

Normally, most of you have the habit of piling up the clothes to wash them together. However, this habit is not good in the monsoon season as it causes the clothes to smell bad and the odour worsens with time.
#EcowellTip: If you wash your clothes every few days, hang the clothes separately rather than piling them in the washing machine.
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Hack 5 – Keep The Clothes In Dry Place

We tend to give the wardrobe its undue attention. However, in the monsoon rainy season, it becomes important to keep the wardrobe dry and clean. Don’t keep wet or partially wet clothes in your wardrobe, otherwise they will make your wardrobe smelly.
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Try out these simple and effective clothes care hacks to get rid of smelly clothes. Enjoy the monsoon and take care of your clothes and health in this rainy season.
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