6 Expert Tips On Healthy Bathing Routine- Ecowell India

All this why you have been bathing wrong and you didn't know how & why? In this article, we have listed out 6 expert tips on how to bath right and maintain your internal and external health.

6  Expert Tips On Healthy Bathing Routine- Ecowell India

Bathing is not just meant to cleanse physical body but also rejuvenate the mind and soul“- this ancient quote holds equal relevance in the current information era as well. We are surrounded by numerous brands in the market right from body wash to lotions, from face wash to scrubbers, you name a cosmetic care and there is one product. While these products serve their core purpose or not that is a matter of debate but most of the products have caused only harm. Not only limited to that, even the tips that we have received so far with regards to shower or regular bath have been all faulty or not so good/healthy.

Before layering out the expert bathing routine, we would sincerely request all our viewers & followers to prefer switching to Ayurvedic or if not, try to keep skin care products as organic as possible and never ever forget to go through the ingredients list before making a purchase. Now without wasting any further time, follow these steps as expert bathing routine:

  • Never Bathe With HOT Water: I know in winter season, most of us prefer taking shower in hot water but what we forget is that hot water is not a good option for skin, hair, eyes (affecting vision and causing dark circles). But that is the adverse effect just from outside, hot water showers negatively affects our digestion making it even weaker, reducing immunity, increasing stress level, make us feel more lethargic or inactive. Hot water if poured from head causes more hair fall. Nevertheless, we can definitely go for lukewarm water, if even after your hardest attempt you find water cold enough to be used (chuckles). Disclaimer: Over here when we say cold water, we mean running cold water and not icy cold water.

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  • Bathing After Meals Is Harmful, Don’t Do That: You might find it weird and not something easy to understand but if you take shower after meal/s, it causes more damage than good. Post having meals, blood flow need to be directed towards stomach, now if you take shower after meal, it reduces body temperature and because of which blood flow is navigated towards skin, as a result of which, digestion process is disturbed. When this process is disturbed, it leads to various other issues like constipation and other digestive disorders. So always take shower before having food and even if you have to take shower post meal, always sustain a gap of 2 years between the two.

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  • Oil Massage Before Bath: According to Ayurveda, in India, bathing never started directly with water, it has always suggested a massage before moving ahead for bath. You should oil massage your body first. This helps in attracting toxins and microorganisms present on body and thereby, help in keeping body clean. Though this method must be followed on a daily routine but due to highly packed and busy lifestyle, this might not be the case on regular basis but you can do it once a week.

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  • Remove Dead Skin: Removing dead skin cells also formulates as one of the most important facets of our bathing routine. Now there are numerous ways through which we can perform this, you can go for a body scrubber, or use a loofah. Synthetic or plastic loofahs are not safe on skin and we suggest using an organic loofah. It is a natural product made of dried ridge gourd is biodegradable, eco-friendly and also cheap. This helps improving blood circulation and opening skin pores. Remember, always rub the towel on your skin with a slight force to remove those dead skin cells after bathing.

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  • Appropriate Bathing Duration: How long does it take you in shower? Is it enough? Do you rush out early or stay in for hours? You might not agree but all of this matters. Spending too much time in shower will turn your skin dry and patchy as skin loose its natural oil. You must ideally spend 10-15 minutes in shower and not more than that. Also, those who take shower more than twice in day is also not a good sign. Ayurveda says, you must bathe twice in a day (once in the morning and one before going to bed). However, like all of us have a habit, it is also absolutely fine to shower once in a day but you must not exceed the number of times.

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  • Do not use toxic products: The most important step and of course the basic one is to check the list of ingredients before purchasing any bathing soap, shower gel, shampoo or any skin and hair care product. All those mainstream products which you get to see on TV advertisements are equally great or not that you’ll get to know once you go through the ingredients list. Hence, you must always check that box behind the product and not just the price tag.

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By following the above expert routine for bathing, a lot of your skin troubles can be avoided while sustaining the quality, softness and elasticity of the skin. Hot water does disaster to your hair as well because…..but no, for that you need to wait for our expert routine on hair care. Stay tuned and take the right shower.         

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