5 Easy And Quick Ways To Reduce Stress & Aggression- Ecowell India

Looking for easy ways to reduce stress & aggression, here's a post for you:

5 Easy And Quick Ways To Reduce Stress & Aggression- Ecowell India

It’s not required to point out or mention that how stressful the life has ever since been and with the advent of COVID-19, the situation has only worsened. Over the months, after having gone through the strenuous phase of lockdowns and curfews, as per few studies, a considerable proportion of population, including members of both older and younger generation, slid into the firm grip of aggressive behaviour because of increased stress and lack of physical movement.

The following are few ways through which we can improve our mental health, thereby controlling our stress and aggression level-

  1. Detoxify First- First comes first, as soon as you get up in the morning, consume a glass of warm pure water with half lemon squeezed or a teaspoon of honey. This step pushes out all kinds of toxins present in blood and helps in cleansing body, further, refreshing mood and giving a good start to day. Aah..that’s refreshing..isn’t it? [Also Read: 5 Immunity Boosting Drinks You Must Have]
  2. Shake Your Body- Post cleansing body, let’s workout. An half an hour workout would do wonders in calming stress level. Remember, consumption of pure water while working out is essential to maintain the hydration level in the body and it also helps in reducing fat at a much greater pace than usual. With exercise, production of endorphin is increased which is called a feel-good hormone and this also plays a role in bringing down aggression level. Also, not to be forgotten, exercise help in improving self-confidence which naturally reduce much of our anxiety.
  3. Stay Calm- Always try to maintain that calm and never lose it on people. Aggression always increases anger and consequently batters our mood. “Shanta!!”
  4. Reduced Acidity- Many might not know, for increased aggression & stress in body, acid level is also responsible. That can be resolved by adding alkaline water in your diet which helps in neutralizing acid level of body and as a result help you stay calm. [Also Read- How Drinking Alkaline Water Is Good For Your Health]
  5. Drink Sufficient Water- Whenever we act aggressive, our adrenal glands produce cortisol, also known as stress hormone. Pure alkaline water is one of the great moves through which it can be controlled and as a result relaxes you. Also, when you are dehydrated, cortisol level surges, hence you must always drink enough water for the day. [Also Read: Health Problems Caused Due To Drinking Less Water]

Well, it is often quite easy for all to say what to do and what not to but what really is hard is to get the routine begun. So do not further worsen your already estranged relationships and get on to control your stress and aggression.

Stay Calm, Stay Well.

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