5 Best Yoga Asanas For Healthy Hair Growth- Ecowell India

Yoga has incredible set of benefits which many of us had not known before. We have asanas for back, for stomach, for lungs but did you know yoga can also benefit as a catalyst in hair growth. Read this article to know about that:

5 Best Yoga Asanas For Healthy Hair Growth- Ecowell India

Yog, or popularly known as Yoga, is an ancient exercise practised by sages and saints to meditate, to attain mental peace, to achieve mystic powers, to achieve better holistic health and much more. It has plethora of benefits which we still need to discover beyond physical aspect. Yoga is also known as the best form of exercise to maintain both your internal (both mental and organ health) and external health as a result of that, at the same time. Needless to say, it delivers benefits than any form of regular workout which we usually practice at gym sessions.  

If you are a person who is tired of a stressful life, have deteriorated health & body beyond repair, Yoga is the only form of work out which can help you repair the irreparable. Doesn’t matter what you’re looking for, either to reduce belly fat, to cure chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, to uplift focus through meditation, Yoga has an asana to deal with the problem.

In this article, we will discuss about the benefits Yoga can impart to healthy growth of hair and maintain health of scalp. Without further ado, let’s move in:

  • Kapalbhati Asana: The name of this asana has been derived from two Sanskrit words- Kapala which means “skull” and Bhati which stands for “light”. It’s a body-mind activity which rejuvenates, cleanses and energises body. This breathing exercise removes toxins present in the entire skull region, which means from the entire head and face, thus resulting in better supply of oxygen and blood promoting healthy hair growth. Adding to the benefits, it reduces stress & anxiety which also play a key role in hair fall.


Pro Tip: It is always advised to do this on empty stomach and early morning.


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  • Adho Mukha Svanasana: I know, it is difficult to pronounce for quite a number of us but has mammoth benefits to cherish. It is also better known as “Down Facing Pose” and is one of the 12 poses performed during Surya Namaskar. Since it requires you to face down, this helps in better blood and oxygen flow circulation towards the hair scalp promoting growth and making scalp stronger.


Pro Tip: Strictly avoid this asana if you suffer from any of the following health issues (Carpal tunnel syndrome, high blood pressure, retinal detachment, dislocated shoulder, weak eye capillaries and diarrhea).


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  • Sarvangasana: As the name speaks for itself, word Sarva stands for “complete or full or everything”. This asana serves the purpose of full body exercise. It requires you to balance your body on shoulder which helps improve both, our balancing power, concentration level and body posture. Besides all, it enhances blood circulation to head and is extremely helpful for people who have thin and dry hair. Daily practising of this asana has unbelievable results.


Pro Tip: Please DO NOT practise this asana if you face the problem of slip disc, heart problems or related issues like high blood pressure. It is always recommended to consult a doctor before performing this asana.


  • Balasana: Well, before you jump to any correlation through the word Bal like we did in the last asana, this is not the case here (chuckles). Balasana means “child’s pose” The two significant gain which it covers are: stress and intense digestive issues. People who frequently go through troubled digestive pattern are usually recommended to perform this asana. It is also known to help deal with anxiety. Regular practice of this asana can permanently resolve the issue of tension, digestive pattern and thus relieve you off hair fall problem.


Pro Tip: DO NOT practise this asana if you suffer from diarrhea, knee injury, severe knee and back pain, vertigo or slipped disk.


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  • Vajrasana: Vajrasana or the thunderbolt pose is considered to be the best when it comes to stomach related issues, which many of us believe that does not have a role in our hair strength. Our stomach can disrupt our mood, add on to irritation, so it can certainly affect health of our hair. Poor gut health causes thinning of hair and eventually leads to hair loss. This asana helps in digesting our food in a much better manner. This in result mean, our body would absorb all nutrients and elements present in meal and maintain our overall health & immunity, also of our hair because this is no hidden fact that a prosperous, fulfilling and rich diet is also important for long, thick and shiny hair.


Pro Tip: Try sitting in Vajrasana pose every day, for slim tummy.


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All in all, Yoga is profoundly beneficial and we are all aware if that but did you know Yoga also can rejuvenate, strengthen and invigorate your hair growth. Every asana has its own list of benefits but most of them enhance blood circulation to scalp so if you cannot try all of them, try with one and once you’re satisfied with the results, you can try all of them. All the best!      

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