4 Ways To Prevent Your Clothes From Fading || Ecowell India

Try these ways to save your clothes from losing their luster too soon!

4 Ways To Prevent Your Clothes From Fading || Ecowell India

Who doesn’t hate it when their favourite clothing item loses its shine and starts fading? You bought a beautiful, bright red, but it has faded to a shade between red-orange-pink (whatever the colour may be, it is certainly not what you bought anymore). You see this happening quite a lot, especially with clothing in dark colours. It hurts to see your favourite, expensive piece take a back seat in your closet like that, and what’s worse? —you haven’t even worn it enough! Clothes, like most of the other items that you possess, need to be taken care of in the right manner. If you are troubled about your clothes fading, you are in the right place to find a solution. Even though clothes have a limited lifetime, if taken good care of —they can live up to decades! Yes, I still wear my mom’s clothes which look brand new! Most of the wear and tear happens when you wash these items and that is where you need to pay attention and mend your ways.

Here are 4 ways by which you can prevent your clothes from fading:

  1. Take the care label seriously.

Most of our clothes come with a tag that lists the instructions to be followed while using that item. As per the demand of the material, the tag mentions the ways in which it can be washed, dried and ironed. Dark colours are mostly recommended to be washed separately.


  1. Wash in cold water.

You might have been told that washing in warm water could help you in getting rid of germs and dirt soil. However, warm water can also cause your clothes to fade, shrink and lose the lustre. Hence, the first step becomes very important to know what temperature is good for what material. Besides, it is safe to say that cold water is generally good for your clothes and causes no harm. It helps them look new, even after several washes!


  1. Detergent products.

You can find several products in the market now that are formulated to help you prevent fading of colours from your clothes. It is recommended that you hand-wash your delicate ones while using a gentle detergent for your other clothes. Fabric softeners have also been claimed to be an aid.


  1. Treat the water itself.

Besides the temperature of the water, it is also the quality of the supplied water that contributes to altering the quality of your clothing. Most of our households receive hard water which contains magnesium ions and calcium that collate with detergent particles and diminish the detergent’s effect. It does not allow the detergent or other products to protect your clothing, causing its colour to fade. Besides these minerals that constitute hard water, the supplied water also picks up several heavy metals and other elements from the pipes on its way to our homes. All of these together contribute to degrading the material of our clothes. Hence, softening the water is actually a more economical step than buying specialised detergent products on a regular basis. So if your supplied water is hard, we recommend you make a one-time investment in treating that hard water.

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Hope this article helps in preventing your favourite clothes from losing their charm too soon.

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