3 Simple Maintenance Tips For Your Water Purifier

Maintaining a water purifier is not as difficult as you think!

3 Simple Maintenance Tips For Your Water Purifier

Installing a water purifier is one of the smartest investments, especially around this time! You can’t live without water and you can’t consume it without purifying it first. So, installing a good quality water purifier becomes crucial for one’s health and wellness. 

If maintained properly though, it’s bound to work efficiently for years to come, that is if you invest in the right brand! 

But how do you properly maintain the water purifier after getting it installed? 

It’s not as difficult as you think! 

Here are 3 simple maintenance tips that you can follow to ensure that your water purifier remains in good shape: 

  1. Regular Filter Changes: Any water purifier comes with at least 3-4 different filters. These include carbon filters, sediment filters, pre-filters, etcetera. All the filters in the water purifier need regular changing as they get filled with impurities. The job of the filter is to remove various kinds of impurities from chlorine and unpleasant odor to germs and bacteria. Hence filter change at regular intervals becomes vital for a water purifier to work effectively. 

Moreover, regular filter change is by far the most reliable way to ensure smooth working of the water purifier. So, you simply cannot skip this one. But how do you know when to get these changes done? We realize how frustrating it can be to continually call customer care executives. 

Furthermore, the ‘free’ in the free service seems unattainable as one way or another you’re bound to spend money. Consequently, you end up paying for the after-sale services that were supposed to be free. This is the evil tactic used by a lot of brands, to know more https://www.ecowellindia.com/blog/heres-how-eco-well-helps-you-to-save-money

This won’t be the case with our after-sale services. The technician will arrive for the service at regular intervals and you won’t be required to pay for any additional product or service. 

For the first year after purchasing the product, you’ll get three free after-sale services which will include filter change so you need not worry! 

  1. RO membrane Replacement: The RO membrane plays the most crucial role in the purification process as it is the RO membrane that collects all the dissolved impurities and disinfects water entirely. Since it plays such an important role, its pores often get clogged because of the dust collected, making the water flow difficult. As a result, your water may taste funny and if this happens, you should consider replacing the RO membrane. 
  2. Cleaning of the pipes and exterior of the water purifier: Along with regular filter change, you also need to clean the pipes attached to the water purifier and the exterior. Regular cleaning or dusting of the exterior will make the water purifier look brand new at all times. It will also reduce the chances of water contamination. Using simple soapy water will do the job for the outside of the water purifier. You also need to clean the tap attached to the water purifier frequently.

Additional Tip: Make sure you properly sanitize the water tanks for the best results. 

Hope this helps!

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