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150LPH is a highly advanced Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier. It has an antiscalant system and dual media filter. The filtration also includes skid blue, micron filter, feed pump, and electric panel. A Filter Housing of 20 inches of 3 nos is provided with this model. It has stainless steel construction which ensures absolutely no corrosion.
Furthermore, it provides completely clean and pure water that doesn't compromise your health and wellness. This model is maintenance-free as well as leakproof. It also has a storage capacity of 200 litres. 18 Months guarantee, along with six free services, is provided with this model..


Commercial Product
6 Stage Purification System
Activated Carbon
RO Membrane
Post Corbon
TDS Minimizer
Width: 550 mm, Height: 900 mm
Depth: 300 mm, Weight: 32 kg
  • Max Duty Cycle
  • 500-700 liters per Day
  • Purification Capacity:
  • 150±20* Litres per hour *
  • RO Membrane:
  • 3 Units